Spearmint and Lavender Soap



Handmade and 100% Natural

Ingredients: Coconut, olive, and almond oils, shea butter, 100% saponified sodium hydroxide, essential oils, and pigment.

Spearmint has a minty aroma with fruity undertones.  Alleviates headaches, nausea; promotes relaxation, relieves feelings of stress and nervous tension.  It also aids in promoting an overall sense of balance and well-being.

Lavender is a floral, mild sweet; fresh and strong herbal, with camphor undertones.  Soothes insomnia, nervous tension; treats skin conditions, acne, excess oil on the skin; reduces blood pressure; treats allergies and asthma; soothes bruises and burns; eases headaches; combats mild bacterial and fungal infections, including swimmer’s ear and athletes foot; repels insects. Promotes a sense of calm and balance, as well as to relax the mind and ease feelings of anger and frustration.  Promotes feelings of clarity and invites greater intuition.

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